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Kids Camp 兒童營

Never really sure what to do with your kids during those "ugh!" breaks that they have from school? Want them to play, laugh, enjoy themselves outdoors instead of cooped up in the living room 3 inches from the TV?

Then, get a move on it, sign up for our kids camp. Let Lulala take care of them for a weekend. They can enjoy hiking, horseback riding, archery, fun filled group games and activities.  There might even be opportunities for them to act in short skits.* That's what our camps are all about.

Com'on! Sign them up! It beats having them rampaging through your house outta control!

*Activties listed to provide a general understanding of our camps, some activities may not be available at all camps. Find out more info by contacting the organizers about a specific camp.

身為家長,您一定在學校放假的時候,為孩子們的去處而頭痛。與其想辦法把他們從電視前面拉開,何不讓嚕啦啦的工作人員們帶他們到戶外活動活動呢? 他們可以騎馬、射箭、玩團體遊戲、甚至跟新朋友一起發掘演戲的天份!*


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