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OCYA Recruitment - Indoor/Outdoor Training
嚕啦啦招生 - 室內/室外研習營


This is the first requirement to becoming a full-fledged member of the Overseas Chinese Youth Association. All prospective members must attend this meeting. We introduce our organization, our activities, our culture and discuss about what it takes to become a member. The "new blood" will get a chance to talk about their interests and skills, as well as interact with some of our senior members.

This event usually takes place during June. It is a full day event which often includes lunch. A small registration fee is requested which will cover the food and materials.


Everyone is required to attend this camp. It is here where we show to the "new blood" what makes us LULALA. As the name implies, participants will be exposed to all the elements of nature while enduring mental and physical challenges. We cannot provide too much information on this camp as it is part of the training to "expect the unexpected".

This is a weekend event usually taking place around June or July. There is a small registration fee.





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