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Summer Camps 夏令營

The OCYA summer camp is an annual event that is usually hosted during Labor Day weekend.  We take our participants to the major national parks such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Lake Tahoe, or other beautiful campgrounds. We provide the food, lodging and transportation. The food that we provide is a blend of delicious Chinese style food. Where else can you find such Chinese food at a camping trip? You will be lodging in canvas tents (6-8 persons capacity) which we set up for participants before event begins.

During the camp, we provide many activities ranging from sight-seeing tours, horseback riding to bonefire at night, when we let our participants perform skits, songs, or dances.

The summer camp is our biggest camp of the year.  We invite all including families, teens, scholars, grandparents to come and join us at our next summer camp.

嚕啦啦一年一度的夏令營通常是在勞工節的長週末舉行。我們每年帶您享受不同的大自然風光,其中還包括了大峽谷以及優勝美地等國家公園。 我們將會提供您美味多樣的中式三餐、方便舒適的交通工具、以及寬敞的帳棚。



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